The Next Step In Hygiene
Your solution to a clean tub, shower, & feet!
Get rid of those callouses  - Keep your feet clean and smooth while maintaining a clean tub & shower

Cares for your feet while keeping your
tub & shower scum free...
Ready for the next use!

No Back Bending!

No Kneeling!

Save Water!

Used during the rinse stage of shower or bath simply slip tubfeet on like a sandal and "slosh" the last bit of water and soap scum down the drain.

By lightly scrubbing away the residue of daily bathing, dirty water is not allowed to stand, eliminating rings, bacteria, & the simple build-up of grime.

When regular cleaning is necessary less time & less water is needed -- That's money too!!

And now found to be great for boat deck cleaning too!

Tubfeet were created to make your life a little easier & cleaner
Get into all those hard to reach nooks and crannies without ever bending over!
Tubfeet are proudly made in the U.S.A and are patent pending