People Ask...
~What are Tubfeet?

Tubfeet are an innovative new cleaning product for showers and baths, using a minimum of effort,time, water and no cleaners.  In fact Tubfeet's purpose is to rinse dirty soap and and water from the basin surface and off the soles of your feet.

~Do I need cleansers?

No.  Tubfeet are meant to prevent the need for extensive cleaning.  If used as recommended, the product will prevent that daily build up of soaps and dirt.

~Do Tubfeet prevent foot odor?

When using the top (foot-side) of Tubfeet as you finish your bathing, the feet are rinsed and exfoliated.  The same residue that builds up in the basin, if left on your feet, can lead to bacteria and foot odor once stuck in a sock or shoe.

~What color(s) does Tubfeet come in?

At this time Tubfeet are available in white in an effort to maintain a clean, neutral and unisex appeal.  New colors are on the horizon and we invite customer feedback as to the most popular colors. 

~Are Tubfeet sandals?

Tubfeet are not meant for walking.  The wide profile is specifically designed to easily slide up the walls of basins.  Walking, especially when wet could be awkward & unsafe. 

~Do Tubfeet need to be used daily?

It is recommended, however it is up to each user to determine the level of usage. 

~Will Tubfeet scrath my tub?

On delicate surfaces that may scratch, like plastic, appliance enamel, fiberglass, cultured marble, and natural stone, use gently.