About Tubfeet
  • Tubfeet are an over-sized scouring pad designed to wear on your feet.  With the appropriate pressure (depending on the surface), the user can easily maintain a fresh and clean bathing environment daily.
  • Tubfeet are the simple solution to keeping your tub or shower 'Bath Ready' on a daily basis.
  • Perfect for people with limited mobilty who find it difficult to bend over or kneel.
  • Also perfect for community bathing environments like dorms or spas.
  • Tubfeet were designed with the bathroom in mind but as fate would have it, Tubfeet turn out to be the perfect solution for a sailor's barefootin' dream when rinsing out his cockpit or the deck.  With the hose hooked up and Tubfeet on, the dreaded task of rinsing the saltwater muck is an all-in-one multi-tasking solution.
  • Every time you bathe, scum and residue from dirt and soap build up on the basin surface.  Each time you bathe you step back into your last mess!  With continued use, scum will not build up, your tub is always ready and your feet stay clean.
  • When regular cleansing is necessary, less water, cleanser, and time is needed.
  • Especially in summer months when sandals and bare feet, children & teens, bring on more dirt, it doesn't matter when you use Tubfeet!  Each cleansing of your feet means cleansing of your basin too....
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